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ratscoot: Is this rifle sold as a Winchester in the US or as a FNH? Its FN Herstal Belguims policy to not sell weapons to civillians with the FN name in Europe.originalscottfree: The title is wrong, it should read " FN SPR", just because it shoots . 308 winchester doesnt make it one. Ammunition is easily and economically available almost anywhere in the world. For a good, economical, all around hunting rifle you cant go wrong with the combination of a Winchester model 70 chambered in . 308 WIN. Category - Winchester Rifles - Model 70 Post-64 - Winchester Rifles - Bolt Action.Payment Types Accepted: Winchester 70 .30-06 spr Rifle. Description: Bolt action. Price: 519.99. The .308 Winchester (pronounced: "three-oh-eight") is a rimless, bottlenecked rifle cartridge and is the commercial cartridge from which the 7.6251mm NATO round was derived. The . 308 Winchester was introduced in 1952, two years prior to the NATO adoption of the 7.6251mm NATO T65. Designated as a Special Police Rifle (SPR), new bolt action rifle was basedon the Winchester model 70 Classic (also known as pre-64) action with Mauser-stylebolt and extractor with controlled feed.Barreledactions were mounted into H-S Precision polymer rifle stocks. 65 862 руб. Стрельба на дальние дистанции всегда была связана с большими расходами.

Но, компания Ruger решила справиться и с этой задачей, представив свою новинку со скользящим затвором RUGER Precision rifle в 308Win калибре. ВИНЧЕСТЕР70 Класная машина я использова в Калиб 308 боеприпас оболочка матчевая.To Forest Gamp Пользую винчестер 70 в 300всм калибре уже 4 года . Не было ни одного нарекания (настрел где то под 1000) Нравится больше чем 700рем (тот у меня правда в Guns.

ru Talks. Нарезное оружие. карабин DPMS Oracle .308 Winchester semiautomatic rifle, в a-tacs ( 1 ).Патронов входит 20, если 308, 19 входит 243, у меня R25 от ремингтона была. Ей очень хевибарреля не хватало. .308 Winchester — патрон, впервые созданный в 1952 году в США. Коммерческий вариант стандартного армейского винтовочного патрона НАТО калибра 7,62 мм (7,6251 мм НАТО).Winchester Model 1894 — Type Lever action hunting rifle Place of origin Ruger Precision Rifle 308 Winchester Bolt-Action1155 x 1155 jpeg 45 КБ. Winchester featherweight 70 model cal- 308 win bolt action Payment Types Accepted: Winchester Model 100 Rifle .308. Description: Price: 849.99.Tell a Friend About Us. Winchester Model 100 Rifle .308 Guns International : 100979680 Sellers Inventory : 7451379 Category: Winchester Rifles - Model 100 - Winchester Rifles. Three-lug bolt with 70 degree throw features dual cocking cams and a smooth-running, full diameter bolt body. Ruger Marksman Adjustable trigger is externallyManufacturer: Ruger. Model: Precision Rifle. Model Number: 18001. Caliber: . 308 Winchester. Capacity: 10 Rounds. Barrel Length: 20". Designed for double duty in both rifles and handguns, this is the cartridge that won the west.300 WSM 30-06 Springfield 303 British 30-30 Win 30-30 Winchester 30-40 Krag 307 Winchester 308 Winchester 308 Winchester Match 32 Winchester Special 32-20 Winchester 325 WSM 338 Lapua The FN Special Police Rifle (FN SPR) is a bolt-action sniper rifle marketed by FNH USA, a subsidiary of the Belgian company FN Herstal. The rifle is manufactured at the U.S. Repeating Arms Company (owned by FN de Herstal) to FN specifications using Winchester Model 70 actions. Legacy Sports, the importer of the Howa, is marketing this Axiom rifle as a Varminter, and it is also chambered for several other cartridges, but in . 308 Winchester, it is very well suited to the role of making a long range, precision shot at any type of target. Winchester Model 70 SPR .308 Precision Rifle. by GunsForSaleDotCom on 2011-03-11 In Video.Winchester Model 70 SPR in 30-06 Springfield shooting, review, and background. Winchester Model 70 — американская спортивная винтовка с продольно-скользящим затвором, представленная в 1936 году. Благодаря своей популярности получила неформальное прозвище «The Riflemans Rifle». Sig 553-US Rifle Overview. Find .308 Winchester and 7.62x51 NATO bolt-action rifles from a variety of manufacturers.AI-Style Precision Rifle .308 Win. Employing that rubric alone, the Ruger Precision Rifle is a supremely interesting firearm. for the Winchester Model 70 rifles. New Winchester 70 SPR Rifle for sale.Type: Rifle. Make: Winchester. Model: 70 SPR. Calibre: .308. Mechanisim: Bolt Action. Orientation: Unknown. The rifle precision of a factory Remington 700P in .308 Winchester is being evaluated using a structured approach and statistical analysis of shot groups.The Model 700P is fitted with a 26 heavy barrel and mounted in an H-S Precision composite stock. WTS/WTT Winchester Model 70 Heavy Varmint/Precision Rifle .308 Timney Trigger H.S. Precision Stock Leatherwood Hi-Lux 4-16x44 scope Weaver 20moa Rail Quick Detach Rings Will also include a set of leupold std bases. ratscoot: Is this rifle sold as a Winchester in the US or as a FNH? Its FN Herstal Belguims policy to not sell weapons to civillians with the FN name in Europe.originalscottfree: The title is wrong, it should read " FN SPR", just because it shoots . 308 winchester doesnt make it one.

the FN SPR rifles are precision and the FN A3G is a precision weapon used by the FBI as a primary sniper rifleand all of them use the model 70 action andThe Winchester Model 70 (pre-64 design) is a good action and is certainly capable of becoming a very accurate rifle. Winchester Model 70 300 WSM sighting in - Duration: 8:12. steveleeilikeguns 46,042 views308 Winchester Match VS Swiss M1911 Infantry Rifle - Duration: 4:05. murpheysmuskets 22,734 views. Средство перевода предоставлено исключительно для вашего удобства. Точность и доступность перевода не гарантируется.Lee Precision. Калибр: 308 Winchester. Модель: 90695. Благодаря специальной конструкции, фирменный приклад может быть без проблем заменен самим стрелком на любой другой приклад от винтовок семейства AR. Источник: Технические характеристики винтовки Ruger Precision Rifle. Калибр: .308 Win / 6.5 Creedmoor Winchester 70 SPR A3G ( FN SPR ) cal .308, fast practicing, 20X30 cm plates shooting at 510 meters.2013 como enraizar ci tricas por estaquia winchester 70 spr 308 precision rifle. 1600 USD. WTSLocation: Medway, MADescription: FN SPR (Special Police Rifle) Model A2 .308 Winchester. 24" Mil-Spec barrel with Badger Maximized 20-MOA scope base mounted w/8-64 HD screws. Fired 175 rounds or less of only match ammo. The Criterion Ruger Precision Rifle 26-inch barrel is available for rifles chambered in .308 Winchester and and features meticulous hand-lapping inside the bore for maximum quality.FITS: Model Neos, .22 LR Big Book Catalog, Issue:68, Page:578. Купить в кредит. Калибр: .308 Winchester.Модель: Precision rifle. Производитель: Ruger (Германия). Емкость магазина: 10. Winchester featherweight 70 model cal- 308 win bolt action 900 x 598 jpeg 262 КБ. Precision Rifle 308 Winchester Bolt-Action Police 1350 x 900 jpeg 128 КБ. One such weapon was a Winchester Model 70 SPR in simple terms, a very nice precision rifle. Made by FN in South Carolina, it features a pre-64 type action and what I believe is a MacMillan stock with an adjustable cheekpiece. Im impressed with the Legacy Sports International Howa 1500 barreled actions from Brownells. In this post Ill show you how I built a custom 308 Winchester precision rifle with one. The 308 Winchester has been getting some bad press lately. Тактико-технические характеристики снайперской винтовки Ruger Precision Rifle. Калибр. .308Win.Снайперская винтовка Ruger Enhanced Precision Rifle. От рассмотренной выше базовой модели ее отличают три основных признака Высокоточные оружейные системы Точная работа.Патрон .308 Winchester. Гильза - Lapua (Финляндия). Капсюль - RUAG Aerospace Defense Technology, RWS, тип Large Rifle Magnum 5333 (Швейцария). View Larger Image. Ruger Enhanced Precision Rifle .308 Winchester.Three-lug bolt with 70 throw features dual cocking cams and a smooth-running, full diameter bolt body. Firearm Specifications. Manufacturer: Ruger Model: Precision Rifle Model Number: 18001 Caliber: . 308 Winchester Capacity: 10 Rounds Barrel Length: 20 Folded Length: 30.60 Overall Length: 38.25 - 41.75 Height: 7.30 Width: 3.30 Weight: 9.70 lbs. Winchester Model 70 SPR .308 Precision Rifle.Chambered in .270 Win this Winchester Model 70 is my favorite deer rifle and has been for years. I thought Id get it out and make a little video with it today. 1289.99 USD. This brand new Ruger Enhanced Precision Rifle in 308 Winchester comes with enhancements that make the rifle even better. These models feature a new Short-Action Handguard to provide increased scope clearance Manufacturer: Ruger Model: Ruger Precision Rifle UPC: 736676180042 Caliber: . 308 Winchester Barrel Length: 20" Overall Length: 42.75" Weight: 9.8lbs Capacity: 10 1 Muzzle: Hybrid Muzzlebrake Butt Plate: Soft Rubber Buttpad Trigger: Adjustable Finish: Matte Black Features Winchester Model 70 - американская, спортивно-охотничья винтовка с продольно-скользящим затвором, представленная в 1936 году. Благодаря своей популярности получила неформальное прозвище "The Riflemans Rifle". reviews the FN SPR A3G 308, bolt action rifle.Building a 300 Winchester Magnum Precision Rifle. September 18, 2014 0. Barreling a Winchester Model 70 with a Remington 700 sporter barrel. When precision is built into every manufacturing process, you get your H-S Precision rifle. Some processes require.Whichever model you choose, these rifles perform in every situation. rdr . 308 win, 20" fluted, 13 1/2 lop, black, 7.9 lbs approximate. Model: SPR A3G. Caliber: 308 Win (7.62x51mm NATO). Barrel: Cold Hammer Forged Heavy Barrel, Fluted, Chrome Lined.Both of these rifle models were based on the Winchester model 70 action. The .308 Winchester (7.62x51mm) is a full power rifle cartridge. It was unveiled to the commercial market in 1952 by Winchester Repeating Arms Company, who also offered their Winchester Model 70 and Winchester Model 88 rifles in .308 Winchester. Air Guns. Rifles. Shotguns. Deactivated.Condition: New Make: Winchester Model: 70 SPR Calibre: .308 Mechanism: Bolt Action. 2,075. WINCHESTER MODEL 70. The Riflemans Rifle (англ.Винчестер Модель 70 стала винтовкой, с которой сравнивают все другие современные винтовки для центрального боя с продольно-скользящимУ меня когда-то была прекрасная модель 99 .308 калибра середины 50-ых. The Winchester Model 70 is a bolt-action sporting rifle. It has an iconic place in American sporting culture and has been held in high regard by shooters since it was introduced in 1936, earning the moniker "The Riflemans Rifle". Manufacturer: Sturm Ruger Co. Model: Precision Rifle, 18004. Caliber: . 308 Winchester. Capacity: (1) 10 Round Magazine. Barrel Length: 20".Caliber: .308 Winchester (7.62 NATO). Location: PA. Trades Accepted: No Read More.

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